Never Give Up…

One day I decided to quit…
I quit my job, my relationship, my spirituality…
I wanted to quit my life.
I went to the woods to have one last talk with God. (more…)

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Expand and Collapse table rows / tree structures with Javascript

By using DOM and Javascript we can create Expandable / collapsable tree structures or Tables like below .  Example can be seen here
Example 1:
—- SubTree1
—- SubTree2
Example 2:

Code for expanding table rows is as follows. (more…)

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Karthika Masa Vratham

Karthika masam starts on the day after deepavali and ends after 30 days.

Here i am giving the basic rituals we should follow for this month. You can find the detailed vratha vidhanam in karthika puranam book. (more…)

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How to make our locally deployed Web applications available to others

People connected to the same network group can use other’s Local WSAD / tomcat / weblogic server deployed web applications.  For that we need to change the firewall settings like this :- start-> control panel -> firewall settings -> exceptions tab -> add port -> 9080 for WSAD

Publish the web application in local server and send out the link like this http://computerName:9080/WebapplicationName/index.jsp

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Vaasthu Basics

Living Room:

The living room should be on the north side of the house.

Puja Room:

Worship should be done in the northeast, north, or east sides of the house. It is best that the temple room is in the northeast corner of the house. (more…)

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Chooo Chweeeeet kids!!!!!


Yethnika and Sarayu posted this greeting in Lift while we were on our way back (more…)

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2007 Sankranthi in India

Muggulu at MIL’s house  
Click on thumbnails to view

dsc04923.jpg   dsc04922.jpg

dsc04921.jpg   dsc04920.jpg            

Hari Dasu


Bogi Mantalu   


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Struts + Tiles + Dispatcher Action

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How to Prepare Henna

You Need:

1) Henna Powder – 2 cups

2) Amla Powder – 1.5 cup

3) Mandara(Hibiscus) Powder – 1 cup (for hair growth)

4) Methi(Fenugreek) Powder – 1 cup (reduces heat)

5) Vepa(Neem) powder – 1 cup (stops hair loss, dandruff) (more…)

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JSPs, JSTL and Custom Tags

The falkner book is the best one to follow while learning jsps. Try out some examples with expressions, scriptlets, directives, Declarations. This is the easiest part in J2EE. (more…)

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