Chooo Chweeeeet kids!!!!!


Yethnika and Sarayu posted this greeting in Lift while we were on our way back (more…)

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2007 Sankranthi in India

Muggulu at MIL’s house  
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Hari Dasu


Bogi Mantalu   


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My Ottawa trip

Flight + Hotel + Attractions
We bought Tickets from for 850$ with hotel for 2 people. I saw deals cheaper than this price but the departure is at afternoon.
We stayed in Quality hotel(price line package) in Rideau street downtown which is 10 minutes walk from Embassy, parliament Hill, Museum, Byward Market, Rideau center and Haveli restaurant, Nagini Restaurant. There are so many hotels to stay in Downtown Rideau Street.

1) Quality Hotel
2) Embassy
3) Parliament
4) Byward Market
5) Rideau Center
6) Museum

1) My appointment was at 9:30 Thursday (Dec 14th). I went to Embassy by 7:45.
2) The security guard at Gate asked my appointment letter and sent me in at 8:30
3) Security check (no chap sticks, handbags)
4) After security check the guard asked me to go to Window 7
5) At window 7 the person asked my I797(H1B approval copy), passport, DS156, 100$ cash and then asked me to wait until my name was called
6) Visa Officer at window 2 called my name and first asked my finger prints.
7) Then H1B petition I 129
8 ) Pay stubs
9) Client name
10) Then He said “your Visa approved, you can collect it here tomorrow at 3:00” and gave a red slip for passport pickup. He kept my passport and DS156.

I came out by 10:00

Weather was fine even in mid December (40 F same as here in Minneapolis).
We did not hire a car. We walked to embassy, parliament and all and finally took cab to airport. If we are confident in Ottawa roads then it is better to hire a car. We paid 60$ for cabs (only to and from airport).

The next day we went collect passport at 2:30 and again lines. But this process is pretty quick .we have to give the Red slip given by the Visa officer and they will return our passport.
The I94 was removed from my passport at Embassy. While returning back to USA at the Ottawa airport the Border security officer asked me to fill new I 94 and he attached the new I94 to my passport.

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