How to make our locally deployed Web applications available to others

People connected to the same network group can use other’s Local WSAD / tomcat / weblogic server deployed web applications.  For that we need to change the firewall settings like this :- start-> control panel -> firewall settings -> exceptions tab -> add port -> 9080 for WSAD

Publish the web application in local server and send out the link like this http://computerName:9080/WebapplicationName/index.jsp

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How To Burn a 8GB DVD(DVD9) to 4GB DVD(DVD5)

Better to Know before starting…
DVD +/-R :Write once DVD Drive which holds upto 4.3 GB
DVD +/- RW :ReWritable DVD
DVD +/- R DL :Dual Layer DVD which hold upto 7.9GB
DVD 5:Single sided Single Layer DVD that stores upto 4.3GB.  supports DVD+-R, DVD+-RW (more…)

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