Easter Eggs

1) MS word
Open Microsoft Word and type following
=rand (200,99)
and then HIT ENTER

2) Notepad
Load Notepad in Windows (in my case XP Pro)
Type “bush hid the facts” or “this app can break” or “this api can break” or “this cat can split” or “jane can not dance” or “xxxx xxx xxx xxxxx” (all in lowercase, no quotes)
Save this file under a name of your choice
Re-open the file

3) Visual C++ – The ATL Team
Create an ATL project.
Choose “New ATL Object…” from the Insert menu.
Click one by one on the objects in the list view (left to right, top to bottom ).
Ctrl + double-click on the gray area of the window.
The ATL Team will appear before you…

4) Visual Basic – Hunt for Developers
From VB’s View Menu, select toolbar, then customize……
In the resulting dialog, click on the command tab.
In the Categories List, select Help.
Select “About Microsoft Visual Basic” in the Command List, and drag it to any menu or the toolbar.
Right-click on the item you just dragged and rename it to “Show VB Credits” (without quotes).Then close the “Customize” dialog and click on the “Show VB Credits” item.

5) Skype – Skype Creator Egg
Two easter eggs:
Open program chat
2.1 /eggy prayer
2.2 /eggy indrek@mare.ee
6) Paint – Hidden Drawing Tool Options
Open paint.
To stamp, select part of the image and hold ctrl while dragging it.
To scuff, select part of the image and hold shift while dragging it.
To use brush pressure, hold ctrl and press – or + on the keypad while drawing, spraying, or using a shape tool.

7) FireFox – Firefox’s Revenge for IE5’s Joke
Download and install FireFox from http://www.mozilla.com
Open & Enter “about:mozilla” in the URL-bar (Without Quotation Marks)

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  1. Nice 🙂

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