Karthika Masa Vratham

Karthika masam starts on the day after deepavali and ends after 30 days.

Here i am giving the basic rituals we should follow for this month. You can find the detailed vratha vidhanam in karthika puranam book.

1) One should not eat non veg food for the whole month.

2) Must take meal only once per day for the 30 days, we can eat breakfast at nights or atleast we must follow this  on auspicious days like mondays, karthika poornima, koti somavaram etc.

3) Must take shower(including hair) daily.

4) Must light deepam every evening and do pooja.

5) Read one chapter in karthika puranam book everyday. If you don’t have karthika puranam read the story given in the below link daily http://www.teluguone.com/bhakti/shivastutulu/index.jsp?filename=kartika.htm        

It is even good to hear the story if someone is reading it loud

6) Prepare prasadam on mondays , karthika poornima,  koti somavaram and remaining days you can even keep some fruit as prasadam.

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  1. My husband’s family has the tradition of performing “Karthika nommulu”. I vaguely remember MIL giving me directions about it when I visited her last year. Coming to think of it now, I do not remember what to do. Do you know the details of the pooja?


    • hi friend, how r u.
      visit samputi.com website in that having all pooja procedures and in english version telugu version.
      for karthika masam having 30 days how to do pooja.
      complete information is having
      i think this is very helpful to u and tel to ur friend circle also about samputi.
      visit samputi.com

      • thank you

  2. hi iam not goging to do fasting for 30 days so my doubt is weather i have to read story daily or on the days of fasting only.and one more doubt is weather i have to do puja in the evening or morning.plz give reply to my question

  3. thanku

  4. Hi,

    I just wanted to know the reason behind this ritual. I thought of reading the story in the link provided, but unfortunately it is in Telugu, which I can’t read. So do you know a link where I can read the story in English? If so please pass it on to me.


    • The technical reason behind this is to make digestion comfortable in the oncoming winter. As human organs will get tightened in winter due to heavy winter conditions. The discipline of digestion will be maintained.

  5. when is koti somavaram can u plzz give me the reply

  6. This year “koti somavaram” is on Nov 17th

    • papa send the details about this year “koti somavaram”

  7. Hello,

    Can you please give the link to Kartika Masam Nomu Puja Vidhanam.

    Thanks and regards.

    • visit samputi.com website in that having all pooja procedures and in english version telugu version.
      for karthika masam having 30 days how to do pooja.
      complete information is having
      i think this is very helpful to u and tel to ur friend circle also about samputi.

  8. Can you please give these vratha details in Tamil so that it will be convenient for me to follow the same in proper method.

    Thanking you in advance.



  9. i decided to get marry of my choice. i need to please lord shiva to get that. Usualy i pray to lord shiva only.now i need to know what kind of puja i need to do to lord shiva for this.please let me know. Thanks in advance

    • For getting married to your choice read “Rukmini Kalyanam” and “Goda Devi Kathalu” in December Month before pongal. Praying to lord shiva is also ok.

  10. I Want the stories in hindi of kartika puranam can you let me know were can i get or on which website.


  11. Great and rare stuff

  12. Can u tell me when KOTI SOMAVARAM comes in karthikamasam?

  13. Hi,

    This year it is on nov 6th..
    heard that it will be upto 10 30 am only.


    • Hi,

      KOTI SOMAVARAM means it should be monday, but NOV 6th is sunday, plz let me know the right date of koti somavaram

  14. please prouid karthika puranam vratham

    • visit samputi.com website in that having all pooja procedures and in english version telugu version.
      for karthika masam having 30 days how to do pooja.
      complete information is having
      i think this is very helpful to u and tel to ur friend circle also about samputi.

    • please tell me the trimurthula nomu procedure immediately

  15. i feel vary happy by seeing the thinks about karthika somavaram

  16. when is it ending ???

  17. Please let me know the dates of karthika masa vratham in 2009

    • Karthika Masam starts on 19-Oct-2009 ~ 16-Nov-2009.
      One more significance of Karthika Masam is people perform Skanda Shashti Vratam in Karthika Masam to have children.

  18. I dont have Karthika puranam book and surfing net to find the same. Now I have the link. Thanks Lavanya for directing us to Karthika Puranam web version.

  19. thanku very much lavanya in guiding me how to do karthika puranam pooja.

  20. Thanks a ton .

  21. Dear Friends,

    Happy Karthika Masa vratam to you.

    I have link for complete pdf of Karthika Puranam in two parts.

    Here is the link for them in sendspace. you can download and unzip them.

    Please tell your friends.



  22. The complete day by day pooja, snana procedure and the puram itself. Along with all the Sthotrams and Mantras are available at Samputi.com

    The Specific Link is http://www.samputi.com/launch.php?m=pooja&l=te&key=16.

    Please visit and utilize

  23. The Specific Link is http://www.samputi.com/launch.php?m=pooja&l=te&key=16.

  24. The Specific Link is http://www.samputi.com/launch.php?m=pooja&l=te&key=16.for karthika masam

  25. When is the koti somavaaram this year 2009? Thanks In-Advance

  26. when does Karthika Masam start and end in 2011? Plz give me the dates as i need to plan an important thing in advance.
    Thank you.

    • Karthika Masam started on 27.10.2011 and end on 27.11.2011.

  27. i was born on 1987 in karteeka maasam on 1st monday but i dont know on which date i born.tell me that date………….

  28. hi i have a question– In karthika masam we have to do head bath every day but some people saying that we should not use soap and shampoos while doing karthika masam. Is it write or not? please suggest me how to do karthika masam

    • In all masam using kunkidikaya linked with mandara aaku for head bath and sunnipindi for body bath is best.

      The combination of kunkidikaya and mandara aaku will increase the hair and lessen the hair fall. but now a days we dont have time to do all.

      The sunnipindi with oil before sunnipindi will give shine up to the body.

  29. this year i want to do karthika masam.so plz tell me how to do that puja.whether i have to read karthika puranam and what r the niyamams and nishtas for puja.plz give me the details.i m unmarried and my d-o-b is 27th june 1979.what will i have to do ?

    • Infront of the karthikapuranam book,they will mention the things required for 30 days and consult the priest of any temple for utilizing those things in pooja.Don’t forget to lit lamp at the pole inside temple on mondays in the evening time of karthika masam,it will remove all your sins(As per the story mentioned in kathika puranam).Also,it will fulfill your wish as well for sure.


  30. when is koti somavar, dis year

  31. Dear sir/Madam,
    My father has 4 younger brothers and one of his younger brother is living in our own house(Joint Asset), so where do we have to do Karthika nomulu is it in our own house where my dad’s younger brother staying or at my house where my father is living??? Please advice.


    • As per I know,Anywhere you do worship it will belongs to you.You can pray god from any place and any time.God is Omnipresent.When you are doing kathika nomulu,it will effect for seven ancestors in your family.For more clarification,if you can read karthika puranam you will be cleared.


  32. i heat.rd that a baby boy born in karthika maasam is very auspicious , is its true ? my due date is in nov of this year i,e in karthika maasam anyone please clarrify my dou

    • First of all giving birth is very good. As far is giving birth in karthika masam is good. But it depends on the day and lagna on that day whether it may be in any masam.

  33. I am giving you the details of how you need to conduct the puja in Karteeka Masam.You shouldn’t eat non- veg during the entire period.You should take only one meal per day.During the nights you can eat tiffins like idli/upma/prasadam.On Mondays you should fast.You can drink milk and eat fruits during the day and in the nights you can eat tiffins.Visit Shiva temple on Mondays and offer prayers and if possible do abhhishekam with milk and ghee.Light lamp near the Lord both morning and evening in you puja room.Prepare prasaadam every Monday and offer the Lord. To conduct the puja at home everyday the list of items needed as well as the vidhi you need to follow are:-

    Picture of Shiva,Two stainless steel or silver vessels,metal spoon,clean cloth to put on the altar,Kumkum, haldi and cups to hold them,Vibhhoti,Akshata (uncooked yellow rice) in a cup,Sandal paste,Agarbattis, camphor,Fresh flowers, fruits, coconut, leaves, fruit juice,Lamps with wicks soaking in oil,Aarati plate,Naivedyam (Prasaadam). First and foremost begin with cleansing, i.e. clean the area where the altar is to be set up. This should face the eastern direction if possible.Place picture of Lord Shiva on a altar. Prepare one or two lamps with cotton wicks soaking in oil. Place the lamp/s about 6″ in front of the picture if it is one lamp, or about 10″ apart if two lamps. Do not light these until you are ready to begin the Puja. Prepare a worship plate (stainless steel, silver or any other metal) by placing on it small vessels (cup-like, preferably metallic) of kumkum, turmeric, one packet of camphor, sandal paste, a dozen agarbatti sticks and a match box. Before starting the puja proper, it is essential to contemplate Mahaganapati to assure that no obstacles interfere with a smooth performance of the puja rituals. Thus, with folded hands chant the following: Karishyamaanasya karmanaha nirvigghnena Parisamaaptyarttham Aadhou mahaaganapati smaranam karishye So that the ceremonies you are about to undertake proceed to completion without any obstacles contemplate on Mahaganapati Similarly the gruhadevata, i.e. the family Godhead, needs to be invoked as He/She is ever present bestowing protection to the family at all times. Chant as follows: Gruha devataam ddhyayaami Ddhyaanam samarpayaami Shuddi:-In order to assure that all evil tendencies are removed from the worship room, start with a prayer to Shiva whose very invocation is believed to clear out any troubling vibrations. Om namah pranavaarththaaya shuddha jnaanaika moorthaye nirmalaaya prashaanthaaya dakshinaa moorthaye namaha Prayer :-Naagendra haaraaya thriloochanaaya bhasmaangadhaaraaya maheshwaraaya Nityaaya shudhdhaaya digambaraaya tasmai nakaaraaya namahshivaaya Upachaaras:-Now you are ready to invoke Shiva and offer Upachaaraas (reception with reverence). With folded hands, focus on the picture of the deity as you chant the following: Om Sri Parameshwaraaya namaha Om I salute Shiva Parameshwara Now offer a few grains of akshantallu (rice smeared with turmeric) with your right hand such that the grains fall on the picture gently as you chant. Om Sri Parameshwaraaya namaha aavaahanam samarpayaami Om Sri Parameshwaraaya namaha aasanam samarpayaami Pradakshana:- do pradakshina (circumambulation) turning three times in a circle to your right. Om Sri Parameshwaraaya namaha yaanikaanicha paapaani janmaanthara krithaani cha thaani thaani vinashyanthi pradakshinam pade pade Now the Puja can be completed with an aarati. Om jayajagadeeshahare is recommended. Aarati follows that. After the aarati is complete, receive blessing by receiving the warmth of the flame and touching your eyes with the cupped hands Conclude the puja ceremony by chanting this shlokas. Tvameva maatacha pitaa tvameva Tvameva bandhuscha sakhaa tvameva Tvameva vidyaa dravinam tvameva Tvameva sarvam mama deva deva.
    : ALL the Shiva Mantras and Shotras :


  34. when is koti somavar this year, please reply.

    • Koti somavaram is 03/11/2011 in Thursday

      • what is koti somavaram and why is it on thursday what is its significance

  35. which date of karthika purnima festival in 1987?

  36. samputi.com site is hacked. can u suggest other site which provides more info on karthika puranam

    Thanks ,

  37. Hi

  38. Hi,
    I got married recently..(1 year back)..and due to some misunderstandings my husband left me( just after 6 months of marriage). Till now he dint come back to me, still am waiting for him.
    Now I am completely dependent on god. I want my husband back at any cost.
    Could you please tell me to which god should i offer my prayers.
    Suggest me any pooja so that my husband should come back to me and we stay happily together.

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hey sreeja frnd sorry to hear that…

      pray lod shiva in entire karthika masam,do abishekas with milk or ask suggestions any priest by saying ur problem.do pratha: kala snaham(early bath,if u can)every day before sunrise in karthika masam,and lighten the lamps,and also lighten the kumbha wick(see image in google)that is most willing thing for lord shiva.if u are not able to do bath early in the morning at least do on the auspicious days like monday’s,and to day also….before that be bold,and go to him(ur hubby0,clarify him about his doubts,do show ur all love n concern about him he will surely comeback for u.all the best dude…..

      • HI This Aarthi,

        Mine is also similar case, my husband who has cheated me horrible , he followed me like a anything all the years still he conveinced me for the love and once i truned he started using all the money i earned tortured me like anything for 8 years and got married atlast last year and left me immediately after 2 months , since by force i have taken the marriage certificate now the case is in court…. i have been doing all thee poojas from the 8years… i have found my life as horrible as possible.. now am of age 31 years… and i dont think i will be happy any time in life and he will come back any more .. he wanted divorce and want to marry again as per his parents….I HAVE approched as many astrogist as possible and sent lot of money also… no use..

    • Hi Sreeja
      I hope u people have a communication problem. Because in one and half a year no body will leave wife in India. Go to his place and talk to him and ask him what is the problem. If ur inlaws are restricting you can complaint to police and get ur husband back. As mythology is concerned the misunderstandings can be removed by Lord Ganesh. As in the story of Ganesh it was told not to see moon without doing pooja. Now do one thing do ganesh puja and ur problem will be solved.
      Dont wait here and go to ur husbands place.

  39. Hey lavanya

    Nice blog yaar,happy to see this,keep posting good things like this….

  40. hi lavanya,
    nice to these information & i am thank full to u

  41. hi lavanya,

    how do you observe the pooja during menstrual cycle.


  42. hi, nice design of your blog keep it up

  43. Hi,
    I am married. I am doing kartika vratam pooja
    I am doing very well, but i would not control my self that my marriage feeling, one day that means 17th day (after kartika paurnami) i proceeded that night with my wife. I asking you any restriction in kartika pooja about don’t touch my wife like this. please tell me about or reply me. please please please…..

    • If u r doing pooja daily it is better not to touch wife on puja. If ur doing only upavasam on the special days like karthika paurnami any way u wont get energy. There is nothing said that we must not meet wife on karthika puja. Only when u put a mala of swami ayyappa only we have to make bhramma charyam. In kaliyugam it was said that on only saying the name of the god u will get punya. But because of the prakrutik situations and ages we will do samsaram. Please donot feel any problem on this. As making samsaram is also one part of life. You do one thing in temple of shiva you do lightening of jyoti on the time when sun set is just going down. All papas of you will go like in the river.

  44. Hai Lavanya garu,
    So happy, because you reply me, my name bhimani aravind.
    Yes, i am doing every day in kartika masam bath from head and going to Lord SHIVA temple lightening of JYOTHI on the time when sun set is just going down.
    I am thinkful to you

  45. panthulu gariki e karthika somavaram nadu ami danam cheyali

    • Hi Archana,

      Saligrama danam cheste chala punyam vastundi kartika masamlo.

  46. please give me your email id pls

  47. Hi,
    Thanks a lot for your reply.

    (My parents dont believe in jathakam’s and all but my inlaws does.
    My husband was behind me for 4 years and made my parents to accept for marriage, so my parents never thought of any jathakams. they just looked the guy’s nature and said ok to marriage)

    I would like to know whether jathakam’s really matters in marriage.

    Because I ve consulted one priest here who verified our jathakams and said that our couple has got 31 ganas matched out of 36(which is extraordinary and rare it seems) he also said that our’s is a ever lasting relationship and he would come in june 2012 and will never leave me.
    He also said that i have kalasarpa dosham and i have to do some pooja for it.
    I really dont know whether to believe all this or not. Please suggest me.

    • Hi Sreeja,
      Jatakam is one which can be there which will give you psychological satisfaction and we have to believe that there is a super power above us which will lead our lives.

      But relationships will only be better because of good communication in all activities between couple. Hence, you try to communicate with your hubby and solve the problem whatever it may be instead of sitting idle upto June 2012 as there is noting more than man’s hard work towards success.

  48. Iam looking for an abridged edition of Karthika puranam in Telugu script. May be some body can help me.

  49. Namaste !

    i liked this very much……!
    i want to do karthikeyan puja….!
    pls help me…!

    Thanku so much !!!!!

  50. Lavanya garu ..could you please share the new link or pls send me in email to ( seshu4view@yahoo.co.in) of Karthika Puranam pdf in Telugu. The link you have given is not working. Please share the pdf. Thank you.

  51. These are in fact enormous ideas in about blogging.
    You have touched some fastidious factors here.
    Any way keep up wrinting.

  52. My name is deepthi I’m suffering with health problem from last 5 yrs onwards but right now I’m suffering from it.I’m not able to do poojas I’m getting much strain while doing little bit of work.i .ca .nt do daily head bath i will get fever how can i do daily karthik a pooja .i didn’t got married can u say solution for my problem.for good health,getting marry earlier,….plz…….

    • There is a mantra in the pooja please note this

      “apavitra paitrova sarvavastongato piva yasmaret pundarikaksham sabahya abhyantara asuchi hi asuchi hi asuchi hi asuchi hi pundari kasha pundarikasha pundarikasha”

      If u cannot do the head bath pour one drop of water on the head saying the above sloka will give you the effect of making head bath.

      For good health donot even feel that u r not having good health and close ur eyes and donot talk to anybody for 10 minutes. It will give peace and health for you.

      For marriage it is said that studying “Ruukmini kalyanam” u will get married soon.

  53. Can you please let me know when is the kotisomavaram. karthika masam dates and karthika pournami date for 2012.


    • Karthika somavaram is NOV 17th

  54. Hi sreeja garu

    To get back your husband read daily morning and evening arthanareeswara sthothram.

  55. It is clear and simple to follow. Good

  56. i am in a idea of doing karthika masam vratham this year for the first time.please tell me the process and are japalu and dhanalu compulsory if so how to do japam and i have a doubt that what i should i do if i get periods in the middle????

  57. the time of karthika masam start on 14 november 2012

  58. can any one give reply , at which time karthika masam starts

    • Started on 14th Nov .. yesterday…

  59. Hi what kind of sesame seeds should donate in karthika masam
    white or black,plz let me know

    • please tell me full details about trinatha vratam, and what type of goods are used for that vratam.

  60. which somavaram has kotisomavaram in karthika masam.please tell me

  61. Hi lavanya,
    its very nice blog…i want one thing..am looking for job at last 2009 onwords but am not getting…for getting job what pooja i have to do please give me reply….

  62. Hello Lavanya,
    Its great that you want to protect our culture. do you have any idea on karthika powrnmi pooja vidhanam.

  63. in karthika masam in any monday we can lit the 365 wicks or compulsory we can lit the 365 wicks on pournami day only . i have problem on that day so did not lit the 365 wicks. we lit the wicks in evening hours also ror morning only plz give me reply

  64. This web site definitely has all of the info
    I wanted concerning this subject and didn’t know who to ask.

  65. Heya excellent blog! Does running a blog simnilar to this take a great
    deal of work? I have no knowledge of computer programming but I was hoping tto start myy own blog in the near future.

    Anyway, should you have any suggestions orr tips for new blog owners please
    share. I know this is off subject but I just needed
    to ask. Kudos!

  66. Hi madam
    Can you please tell me how to do pooja at home in karthika masam for a child … waiting from 9years to feel that happiness ….. I stay in US should I follow indian timings are US timings…….

  67. Hi Lavanya
    Can you please tell me how to do pooja at home in karthika masam for a child … waiting from 9years to feel that happiness ….. I stay in US should I follow indian timings are US timings…….


  68. Hi Lavanya..

    I have Health problems so i will not be able to do head bath every day.So can you please tell me is it mandatory to take head bath if a person is interested in doing this pooja

  69. Can you please let me know when is the kotisomavaram.

  70. can we read karthika puranam doing monthly cycle

    • No, Its barred!!

  71. My DOB is 04 August 1982, I am still single, my family is searching for my life partner, i have shown my kundali to many people, everybody told me that I don’t have any dosh in your kundali,
    I used to do pooja twice in a day, then why I didn’t get partner yet, could you please suggest me whether i should do any special pooja or any other solution.

  72. Hi,

    I went through your site but unfortunately the link that you recommended is in telugu. can you recommend me a link where the stories of KarthikaPuranam are in english.

  73. Hi,
    Can i get Karthika puranam in Hindi or English version, pls

  74. Congratulations on this amazing story and article.
    Performing Maha Pashupatha Homam in Karthika Masam at Srisailam. It is very good opportunity for http://www.mulugu.com/KarthikaMasam-MahaPasupathaHomam.php

  75. Hi mam,
    can pls let me know when is koti somavaram in 2014

  76. Thank you for the information…

  77. i want this book in tamil.karthika puranam.where ill get in tamil

  78. what kind of pooja can an unmarried girl can do to get marry
    ? Please give me the reply…..

  79. […] Karthika Masa Vratham | Lavanya’s Blog – 13-2-2007 · Karthika masam starts on the day after deepavali and ends after 30 days. Here i am giving the basic rituals we should follow for this month…. […]

  80. I had performed Karthika Mass Pooja previous year 2014 by taking head bath & lighting Diya near Lord Shiva’s Idol before sunrise. But you all are saying to light Diya at sunset. Could you please let me know when should we have light Diya, morning or evening?

  81. I want Somvaram Vratham book (Shiva Parvati & Ganesh) in english translation because i don’t know Telegu. Please help me.

  82. dear lavanya, can i know When is the koti somvaram this year.. and who can be on fasting? wat are the rules?

  83. Hai Lavanya, my father and mother did not performed kartika nomulu for last 3 years and this year they want to do it and after that they want to give toram to me and my wife. can we do it or we need to perform pooja for fresh toram. please suggest

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