How to lose 5 Kgs in 1 week

 I came across this General Motors Diet Program, couple of weeks ago. Since there were positive feedbacks about the results of the program, I actually tried this once. I must say, it worked, I lost about 8lbs in 7 days. If you follow this diet consciously, it does have good results.

Although weight loss is highlighted in this diet program, the core principle is DETOXIFICATION-getting rid of the toxic deposits from the body. Detox is well approved by dieticians world wide. After all it is our Vrathams/Upavaasams in India ‘Pathyam Parama Oushadham’ . A good example is Karthika masa vratham.

 My Experience-I felt hungry for first 2 nights and did not sleep well. The second day was horrible as the whole day is Veggies day!!! I tried to bake a potato(first time ever opened the Oven, Obviously failed). Then I fried potato,green peppers,red onions,eggplant,carrots together with some lemon and Thai peppers without oil and closing the top for a while. In first 3 days I lost 5 lbs. See the attached Pdf for GM diet Details.


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  1. Hi Re the General Motors Diet, where it says eat 6 tomatoes and 1 cup of rice, is that qunatity for the whole day or 3 times a day for breakfast lunch and dinner.

    • Pls.say how to wait loss .I’m 37years old .my hight 159.& my wait is 81khg .pls.reply

      • you can have a detoxificaton course done by regularly having a glass of luke warm water with lemon . atleast have this 4 times a day. reduce intake of fried food and try to eat less in evening… try having cabbages as they will help maintain glucose level

  2. Lavanya

    i would like to know how u used to have the vegetables during ur course

  3. Keshni
    6 tomatoes and 1 cup rice is for the whole day.

  4. Sandeep
    I took carrots, keera and fried potatoes,onions etc with some lemon and green chillies in a tsp oil.

  5. thanks a lot. i will give it a shot and post a comment back here.

  6. Hi Lavanya,

    Good work on your blog. And best wishes for your diet!
    Are you really following this diet? Great!

  7. hello, i found your site! this diet sounds really great, as i have been searching on the internet for days for a good fast diet! i am going to try this diet today and i hope it works!
    just a couple of questions:
    did you do any excercise during this diet?
    im only 13, is it okay to do this diet?


    • No it is not okay for a 13 year old. Your body is not fully grown and needs plenty of food for it to grow and function properly. If you are concerned about your weight focus on being healthy which means eating a blanced diet, drinking lots of water and regular exercise. People sometimes think that not eating is a fast and easy solution to losing weight but that is false, depriving yourself of food in most cases results in them gain the weight back and some.

    • If you are overweight at thirteen you probably have to change your dietry habits. Like the other women said, a balanced diet with plenty of exercise. Exercise is cool once you get used to it, makes you feel alive. Crash diets will put you on the treadmill of minimal loss followed by more gain. You’ll never beat being over weight by so called quick fixes. I’d advise you to see a dietician and formulate a sensible programme for gradual weight loss and maintenance by following a healthy lifestyle. Its the only way to do it permanently.

  8. HI are you allowed tea or coffee on this diet?? please let me know

  9. I have tried your diet scheme and i am glad to say that it totally works. Thank you, since now i am lighter and feel better

  10. just wanted to know that 1 cup rice which is mentioned in diet plan is cooked 1 cup or uncooked 1 cup? please clear my this confusion

  11. Lavanya
    Thanks for the diet.I just wanted to know how to prepare the wonder soup , because it is not clearly mentioned , they have just mentioned the vegetables and nothing else like can we add any salt/spices to it or anyother soup mix to it or if you could suggest someting on it.

  12. hi there

    i just read your program an dquite keen on it. is it for anyone of age? what do you do after the 7 day program???

  13. I gained back all the weight which i lost in this diet within 2 days…didnt quite work for me

  14. please help me giving a veg diet so that i loose 5 kgs in 7 days

  15. please help me in reducing my weight by 15 kilos in 2 weeks

  16. plzzzzzz help me in reducing my weight by 10 kilos in 2 weeks

    • dude dis is really easy to do…..just go for general motors diet….it works..

  17. i have to reduce my weight,but iam unable to do for example if i started diet na after 2 or 3 days if i saw anything interest then i will eat then my diet become waste this happens for me for so many times can u tel any tips to avoid my favourate foods pls pls pls pls pls pls

    • make different varieties of salads each day and decorate the plate u are eating well so that u get attracted towards it

  18. hi

    i tried this diet but i gained on the weight again as soon as i finish.. how can i keep it off?????

  19. i wanted to know for the milk does it have to be skim milk, and for the rice does it have to white or brown rice or does it even matter.

  20. hi I lost 1 kg in lyk a few hours and I wasn’t duin nefing plus I didn’t eat anything koz I waznt hungry, y is this? I mean its great that it happend but hw did it happen?

  21. do these diets work or are you all covering up ?

  22. Hello, I am about to start this diet, and I wanted to know about the one cup of rice : is it one cup of COOKED rice or UNCOOKED rice ?

    Please answer soon, as I am nearing day five.

  23. please can you tell me a diet program 4 a week to loss 5 kgs…i beg of u plz tell me….

  24. i followed it and lost 15 kgs

    • it true tat u lost 15 kgs with this diet..tat great..
      can u please tel me wat all u did…
      wud be really greatfull

    • how exactly did you do that… please its important to me so can you reply…asap thnx =D

    • Hi Samina

      I’ve read that you lost 15kg with the General Motors Diet. How long did it took? And did you keep it of for a while? I also want to lose 15kg SOON!

  25. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me to lose atleast 5kg in a week.

  26. EXCERSISE! 2 hours running everyday in he morning

  27. hello, i was just wondering i’m a 14 yr old and i want to lose 5-6 kg before summer travels. So i wanted to know if it is ok if i can do this diet.Also do i have to consume lots of watermelon and cantaloupe on the 1st day. 2ndly on day 2 it says have a large boiled potato for breakfast, what are we suppose to eat on the other days for breakfast.For day 5 rice is cooked right and are we suppose to eat the tomatoes raw or like in a sauce way… Day 6 and 7 can we eat potatoes because it’s high in carbs so i don’t know. IT WOULD BE GREAT IF YOU COULD LIST EXACTLY WHAT YOU DID TO LOSE YOUR WEIGHT!!!! CUZ beach season is here and i would like to lose that extra weight… YOU haVE My E-MAIL contact me PlZ=D

  28. i want to losse wight as soon as possible

  29. is there an equivalent to just tomatoes because i don’t really like them?

    how much fruit and veggies can i eat? would just one (fruit) and one small bowl of carrots and broccoli (for veggies)combined for 3 times every day be fine?

    is it 1 cup of white rice cooked?

    please reply to me a.s.a.p

    Thanks so much!

    • is there an equivalent to just tomatoes because i don’t really like them?

      how much fruit and veggies can i eat? would just one (fruit) and one small bowl of carrots and broccoli (for veggies)combined for 3 times every day be fine?

      is it 1 cup of white rice cooked?

      please reply to me a.s.a.p

      Thanks so much!

  30. Hi

    This diet plan is works and i have lost more than the
    8 lbs


    • hi john do really got reduced.after 7 days following this diet u will again be back ?? tell me how was ur experience……………

  31. hi there .is this diet is to be followed without working out?
    hope to reply soon

  32. Actually this GM diet acts fast on those who are very fat…… when u r not so much overweight than this acts quite slowly…….for better results do this diet with one week gap between two diet weeks.

  33. I am 29yrs old an my weight is 654kg and my height is 4.5 so i look fat very much i want to reduce my weight in 1 week 5kgs please advice hot use your site i am not getting any clude and no diet chart please advice

    Appreciate if you respond quickly

  34. hi! will i gain back quickly after this diet?

  35. Hii
    I am 23 years old can i follow this diet.
    it is good for me

  36. pls send me diet plan

  37. Hai lavanya ,i want to lose weight abt 10 kgs but i cant starve pls advice

  38. hiii……there well i m gonna start this diet and hopefullt it works well after 7 days after following this diet i will again be back and tell u ppl how was my experience……………

  39. hi what do you do after the 7 day program?? am i follow this diet till reduce the weight?plzzzzzzz reply me as soon as possible

  40. I have heard everyone saying that the weight which we lose in this 7 day diet will come back again with much more…is this 100% true…if we lose 5 kgs then how many kgs will we gain.. do let me know.. plzzzzzzzzzzz

    • hi guys
      i lost 4 kgs in one week with this diet plan and never gained it back.
      u never can gain it back unless u eat like crazy after finishing one week.

  41. Hi, I’m 15 years old, weigh 61kgs and want to lose at least 5kgs.. my height is 5’10. I know you might be suprised in why i need to lose that much, but if you see my thighs you will understand.. i have a few questions that you have not quite covered..

    1) What do we eat for breakfast everyday?
    2) Do we HAVE to exercise at all?
    3) What do we eat after this diet?
    4) Do we really have to eat 6 tomatoes because I’m not a very big fan..
    5) Can we eat anything other than grapefruit because i do not like them at all.

    Thank You, Much appreciated.

  42. Can a 15-year old girl do this diet?

  43. wow!!!
    i have really reduced 6kgs dis weeek…..very happy !!!
    so now it also means dat i can reduce 18 kgs in 3 weeks !!! which is nt possible bt general motors diet will make it possible

  44. plz explain how to make veg soup i want to do it.

    • Just grind all ingredients together

  45. will i gain back the weight again ?

  46. hey wanna lose 5 kgs in a weeks tym pls suggest me the proper diet for that

    • Diet for 7 Days, 7 KG

      YES, this works…

      Follow the simple diet programm for seven days and I am sure you will be able reduce 7 KG weight.

      Day 1:
      10 Glasses of Water
      All Fruits except Bananas
      Lots of Watermelon

      Day 2:
      10 Glasses of Water
      Large Boiled Potato for Breakfast
      All Vegetables (Raw/Cooked without oil)

      Day 3:
      10 Glasses of Water
      Mixture of Fruits and Vegetables (Any quantity)
      No Bananas and Potatoes

      Day 4:
      13 Glasses of Water
      3 Glasses of Milk
      1 Bowl Vegetable Soup
      8 Bananas

      Day 5:
      13 Glasses of Water
      1 Cup Rice
      6 Whole Tomatoes

      Day 6:
      10 Glasses of Water
      1 Cup Rice
      All Vegetables (Raw/Cooked without oil)

      Day 7:
      10 Glasses of Water
      1 Cup Rice
      All Fruit Juice
      All Vegetables (Raw/Cooked without oil)

      • That way, I searched for a food system i ll start tomorrow on wards
        and its very useful foe me

        thank you so much

      • this is the sacred heart diet!worked for me!but i did not follow the version that you just offered!lost 8kgs in 1 week!

      • how did u do that???

      • is dis really works ???

  47. can a 16yr old can do this diet???
    and plz send me the proper diet plan……
    i need to lose 8kgs in 15 dayzzz plzzzzzzzzz……………..

  48. Hi, yh I’m gonna try that but am I going to faint or anything if I exercise loads? Also I have to go to school, so how do I eat only veggies at school?

  49. hey m on dis diet 2day is 2nd day m following it hv confusion about rice is it cooked or uncooked? and cn we any amount of fruits and vegies… and cn u suggest some vegies vich r good for boiling… n wat exactly u did? plz let me know…

    • one more confusion dat rice n tomato are for one meal or three meals?

  50. Hey Just wanna check….is smoking allowed in GM diet n Wat abt lemon tea with sugar??

  51. Hi Lavanya,

    I have been selected for Indian Air force, I have only 25 days to reduce 15 kilos, I followed the GM diet for first two days but i was not confident about it as i did not see any change, moreover i do not have time to experiment also. Are you definitely sure about this diet, is it doable by all kinds of people.

    • Hi Abhishek,

      Even air force recommends same diet. One of my acquaintances who was in Air Force introduced me to this diet. Along with diet. Exercise too. Dont leave a gap in between as you are short of time.Continue the diet for 21 days with 1 day gap in between completion of every 7 days.

  52. I have been following the diet for two days, plus 1 hour of excercise…but i put on almost one kg! Is there anything I’m doing wrong???

  53. Hey, can this diet be repeated for extra wieght loss??

  54. i need to lose like 1o kg in a month and idk how. can some1 help me pls??

  55. well m gonna start t frm 2day
    don noe ts gonna work or not
    i thnk ts not but still m tryin
    wish me luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ven der z a will dere z a way!!!!!!
    ts gonna work…………………

  56. Hi I am younas the brother of the mighty graffiti artist DCONE”
    My brother is a great graffiti tagger and artist but the fact is i want to know how to be tall in 1 days and i want to reduce the weight of my butt pls HEL ME!

  57. Hi Lavanya..
    Im not overweight but I seriously need to loose 5kg fast to become my oldself again.. losing even more wouldnt I am going to give this diet at try.. as of now I my weight is 65kg.. so lets see what happens in a week.. Thanks for the great tip.. I’ll keep you posted about the progress..


    • Hi Val,
      I’m also facing the same problem. I’m not over weight but want to become my oldself by loosing 5 kgs. How did it work for you? I want to give this diet a try.
      Appreciate your reply.

      • really speaking i reduced alot but gained also

  58. Hi Lavanya
    I just started it is first day.
    I would appreciate if you can clear few doubts

    1.)Can I have one cup tea in a day with milk as I am getting head ache without it

    2.)What About Rice n tomato is that 6 allowed for one meal or All three meals we have to live on 1cup Rice and 6 tomatoes

    3.)I am Not very fat , I am normal weighing person , I have a problem area of hips n thighs though, ‘ll I be able to reduce fat from there?


  59. hi does it really work???i want to loose 5 kg in 1 week…btmany r telling we will gain weight after stopping dis diet is it true???act i want to loose 20 kgs…nd i kan repeat dis diet after 1 week na??

  60. hiiiiiiii…..lavanya…..i read ur diet chart about 5kg in a week so i want to know 1 cup rice and 6 tometoes will use for only breakfast or for hole day meal..with dis diet chart can i hav kellogs k with or oat with milk or musli with mil..plzzzzz suggest me dear

  61. hi
    i want to reduce 8kgs in 2 weeks. please give me diet which doesn,t make me feel starve.n i donot put on weight after that.i am planning to have a baby so have to reduce soon….please reply sooon….

  62. Hey

    i m just 15 years old and my weight is like 75khs and i need to lose 15 kgs can you help me ?

    • ya u can easily loose weight, by , yoga, swimming , diet , eat oats and if u want practice karate , aerobic will help u

  63. does this work? anyone tried this and it’s worked for them?? pls reply

  64. Hi, great plan! I’m 17 years old, does this dietary plan also apply to me? Will it work the same way? Does it only work on people who are overweight? Thanks!

  65. Great blog !

  66. I started and im currently on day 5 but today i got suuuch a craving so i binged on chocolate and cereal haha oops will it still work though or do i need to start again?? PLEASE REPLY

  67. are we allowed to eat roti’s with these vegetables or not ?

  68. Hello, i am 13 years old and i want to loss 7kg of weight because i weigh 47kg and want to weigh 40 kg because i feel like i am carring so much excess weight. I need to loss weight for my cousind christening and a wedding. Can u please help me

    • hi im 33 years old and i want to loss 25pound of weight because my weight 175 pound and want wight 140.plese plese help me

  69. Hello, i am 14 years old and i want to loss 7kg of weight because i weigh 47kg and want to weigh 40 kg because i feel like i am carring so much excess weight. I need to loss weight for my cousind christening and a wedding. Can u please help me

  70. hi im 33 years and i want to loss 25 pound of weight because my weight175 pound and want140pound.plese help me

  71. hey am 18 and i need 2 lose like 5kgs to go 4 ma ideal weight so is t okai to follow this diet? am actuali following t n this is the 2nd day 🙂 i dont find it difficult though 🙂

  72. hi im 25 yrs old nd 65 kg ,i want to reduce 10 kg in one month..

  73. hi i am 19 years old and my weight is 85 kgs i’m really disappointed……i really wanna loose weight at rate of 20 kgs per month is it possible? and if yes! then can i loose it without exercise?? i really hate exercising! please suggest me some fool proof deit plan which i can follow and be fit!!!

  74. Hi ,

    Can some let me know today is my first day and i have gain 1 kg i have taken 2 small apple and two orange and 10 glass of water

  75. im going to start this diet tomarrow….i just want to know should i do any exercise?

  76. For all those that have done this diet pleas let us know if it really worked, I would also like to start,can I do a work out during this diet? Guys the cup of rice and 6 tomatoes I think it for the whole day it up to you the portions you eat each tine, just like the 8 bananas

  77. hi,

    i am geetha, working on private concern, i job is attending phone there is no any physical activity. so i put on weight of 72kgs.
    i have 1and half of year kid. age is 30. please advise me to reduce weight of 25 kg withing 3 months.pleaseeeeeeee…..

  78. Please lavaniya mail me the diet plan. Its very important…

  79. Remarkable issues here. I am very satisfied to look your post. Thank you a lot and I am taking a look forward to contact you. Will you kindly drop me a e-mail?

  80. Hi Lavanya Mam ………………
    I m 15 yrs old and i wanna lose 5 kg in a week can u plzzzzzzzzzzz suggest me a diet and help me out ……….. plzzzzzzzzzz

  81. Hello, I am now 57.8kg and only 1.54m in height which obviously makes me look very fat. I used to be only 48kg. I have tried everything and it doesnt help… dieting with medications, formula of fruits, soup, vegetables, proteins and carbo in my diet. Did briskwalking only once a walk. Obviously i know my lifestyle is bad…. I am 49yrs.

    Please advise , how can i lose 5kg in a week and it will be sustainable.
    I will like to achieve 48kg if possible within 2 weeks or a month.

    Kindly advise me on my diet plan.


  82. hiii
    i really need to lose those 5 kilos fast am getting on that team and i need my weight to get ideal but i cant seem to find the diet can u please send it to mee !!
    thank you

  83. I just couldn’t leave your website prior to suggesting that I extremely enjoyed the usual information a person supply to your visitors? Is gonna be back often to check out new posts

    • Can you please explain me properly because i did not lost a single KG

  84. its my second day of d diet..i m a bit nervous reading ol d comments..will i b loosing weight 4 sure?? n wil i gain it bck in few days??

    • m having a bad head ache 4m any1 suggest wt 2 do..??

      • Dear have green tea or lemon tea u will get relief but without sugar

      • thanks so much..

      • IS it allowed 2 use salt n otha masals while cooking veggies??

  85. Today is my first day ,Please wish me luck because last time when i did i didnot lost 5 Kg but yeah 2 Kgs i lost so please this time i am more conscious for the same

    • good luck

  86. thanks dear

    • Uh hv dne d diet b4 na..uh measured one cup ov rice cooked or uncooked??

      • its uncooked i cup for whole day and it should be boiled rice,are u seeing any changes within u

      • ok thanks
        ya i hv lost 2 kgs..
        frm tommorow m hvng my fests dun noe wt wil i do dere.. ;/

  87. wonder if it works, but will still give it a try.can’t stay without tea or coffe though.will alter it with fruits.wish me luck n thank u all for leting me know m not alone.weight loss to all of us.hope the craving stays away

    • good luck..

  88. it is compulsory to eat 8 bananas and 3 glasses of milk and what about soup?????????

  89. after seven days which type of diet i will take

  90. Where is the pdf lavanya?
    would it be possible for you to mail it to me..

  91. can a 13 year old follow this diet??……i need to lose 7kgs..

  92. hai everybody can anybody help me plzz i need to reduce my weight of 7kgs in 15 days…plzz reply me which diet i have to follow….thanq

  93. hi lavanya can yo pls send me your diet

  94. can we use gm soup on any day of this diet???

  95. guys a easy way for lose 5kg or more is — yoga, swimming , eat oats, aerobic exercise, walking , a diet , and gym for above 18 years

  96. for loss weight fastly then do pranayam and yoga.

  97. Im starting the diet from tmrw…….
    will the plan really works…somebody please help me

  98. I am a lady of 25 years old,but I am not enjoing my youthfull age because I am oversized and overweight,I weigh about 97kg,,I’ve tried all sorts of slim herbs but all to no avail,I execise ones in a while,but my problem is I love eating foods that I know contain calories,so I have resolved in my heart now that it will be best for me to control my high level of appetite for food maybe that will help my shed down.please advice me on what to do.

    • y dont u start by reducing your potions of food juast a lil bit…n use low fat products wherever skimmed milk instead of whole cream….have a large bowl of fruits before ur meal..drink lots of water.. use extra virgin olive oil..use white meat instead of red n wen u go shopping dont pick up stuff that u knw u cant in the house as far as possible… u will c the results real quick

  99. I am a 14 years old girl , i am so fat and this make me unhappy.I am 52 kg. I wanted to lose wait but i couldn’t . I love chocolates very much and that is the reason that I am fat. what can I do????????

    • Just one advice.. Instead of a chocolate bar.. How about a nice bowl of strawberries.. or a nice green apple sliced in to 6 pieces .. Trust me it tastes wayyy better than that poison you eat ( chocolate)
      Instead of wasting money on poison, how about save up and buy a necklace or something.. trust me.. Fruits are the way to go ..
      Hope i helped

    • one thing u could do is not 2 stock up chocolates in ur u wnt have any wen u crave 4 it..u cn treat urself with a small bar 1ce in a week.. n 2 b honest i dont thnk 52kg is fat

  100. i am 15 yrs and weigh 100kgs i hate my body i am so un confudent about myself and hate the way i look but i always seem to lose weight but go bck to sweet and chocolates. wht can i do


    • Do what i do. Dont buy any chocolates or sweets and ask your family members to not stock anything at home.

  101. Well when you mean DETOXIFICATION, does that has to deal with belly fat? May i get a quick reply please.. Anyone can help .. If you are reading this please help me.. And i am 16 .. Does it work for 16 year old people? PLease reply.. Thank you

    • oh yes dear… i have just started the diet and i had lost 2 kgs with 2 inches from my abdomen… i am feeling great…

      • when you said you lost 2kg, was it also including fat?

      • yes when i said i had lost 2 kgs that means i lost 2 kgs fat

  102. And another question..If i do this diet . . does it lose my hip fats? I have shorts which used to fit me perfectly but now my hip fat keeps on coming in the way.. So may i know if it will really lose belly fat .. Thank You..

    Anyone is welcome to help me..

    • you will be losing some of the inches also.. just remember to exercise daily

  103. Hope it works. Starting from tomorrow.

  104. HEY! lavanya il be starting this diet soon however like many others im only worried of fer things please make them clear one is that how do we starting after the 7th day so we dont get the weight again and also abt that rice and tomatoes…………. pls pls revert

    • u have to eat i cup rice and six tomatoes in one day. its a whole day meal…. and after 7 days u can start the diet but take a rest of 2 days….. hope i helped

  105. I want to know that how do we start eating so that we dont get the fat back and also how much salt and oil intake is allowed……pls revert its v imp for me… thanks

  106. Hello friends you no my mother,s weight is79 and now she ws about 51

    • how????

      • how?

  107. Hi..I had a question…. can we do high intensity workout if we are following this plan?

  108. no u will feel weakness

  109. will the diet really help in reducing weight? or will we put back again after stopping

    • i lost 4kgs bt i got d whole weight bck.. :/

  110. hi,sorry is this a tru resepyyy ?? eat 6 tomatoes and 1 cup of rice, is that qunatity for the whole day or 3 times a day for breakfast lunch and dinner..every day???

    • recipe: 🙂

      • whole day..

  111. i am 18 years old…can i do this diet…????
    and if i can, then how should i eat the vegetables without cooking them in oil…? and in one time how many tomatoes should i take…?
    and the vegetables should be consumed directly or we can consume it with a chapati…????? please clear this doubt….

  112. hi i am 17 yr old and i am 125 kg i stay in new york london and i really want to loose weight so please help me with ur help ful dite plans and tips ………..:)

  113. want to know how to lose 2kg in 7 days

    • yes sure please let me know how?

  114. You actually make it seem so easy together with your presentation however I
    in finding this matter to be really something which I believe I would by no means understand.
    It sort of feels too complex and extremely extensive for
    me. I am looking ahead in your subsequent post, I’ll attempt to get the hang of it!

  115. Hi I’m very interested about this. I am going to start this sat which will be the 29/09/12 . I shall update up here next sat to tell u my results and hopefully I’ve lost 5kilos in one wk. 🙂

  116. Hi… also followed the diet 1 week before it relly works….but i wants to know which vegetables we can consume n how d whl day evn banana n milk day… having 8 bananas nd 3 gls milk can gain d wgt is wt my querrie..
    thanx..plz revert me on myemail id

  117. I have tried this …and it worked ………….

    Before approaching this diet…..mentally prepare that and think that I am going to have simple thing….dont calculate the 7days always..

    1st day
    just start first day with peers, apple, orange pieces in a box x 3 boxes for three meals -1Day , keep a 1Ltr water bottle with you, drink every 15/25 minutes , finish the bottle (1 ltr water) before lunch…

    .if its ok i will continue …..the way I did to lose my weight

    • plz continue as in i m going to start d dite frm tomorw …:))

  118. hi i’m gonna try this diet program ..but what happens after the 7 days ..i have my marriage anniversary and son’s birthday coming up ..but a month apart i want to maintain my lost weight till then ..

  119. wish me luck i m gonna start this diet frm tomorw target to loose 8 kg in 2 weeks :)) hope i reach to loose this last stubborn fat !!!!

  120. Can I add salt in vegetables?

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    as though you relied on the video to make your point.
    You definitely know what youre talking about,
    why waste your intelligence on just posting videos to your blog when you could be giving us something informative to read?

  123. plzzzz giv me diet chart vegetarian to reduce 5 kgs in a week

  124. I had tried this diet and lost around 4kgs a week (with exercise ofcourse). However at the end of 1 month i went back to my normal diet and I have gained all those extra pounds. I have my best friends wedding coming up in two weeks. So i am definitely going to give it another try. Today is day 1. Feeling a little week. But hoping to keep going.

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    6. Опыт существования во кампусе сложно соотнести со чем-нибудь ещё. Кампос – это комфортное место про проживания и обучения, приятные соседи изо разных стран мира, различные спорт сооружения и площадки, рестораны, клубы и ещё многочисленное на кой леший стоит сидеть на институтской скамье во Америка.


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